4King Fantasties Kerrie Basting 750ml

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Add a zesty kick to your braai with 4King Fantasties Lemon Pepper Basting 750ml from Fleisherei’s online store. Elevate your grilling game with this tangy and flavorful basting.

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Elevate your braai experience with 4King Fantasties Lemon Pepper Basting 750ml, available exclusively at Fleisherei’s online store. This zesty basting sauce combines the tanginess of lemon with the boldness of pepper to create a unique and flavorful addition to your grilled meats. Perfect for marinating chicken, beef, or pork, 4King Fantasties Lemon Pepper Basting adds a refreshing and tangy twist to your braai dishes. Impress your guests and indulge in a burst of flavor with Fleisherei’s zesty basting sauce. Order now and take your braai to the next level!