About Us

The Fleisherei® Group incorporates Fleisherei, Biltong@ZA® & Meat@ZA.

At Fleisherei, our butchery & biltong delis are known for their wide range and outstanding quality! We offer delicious fresh meat, along with the best traditionally made biltong in South Africa.

Our Biltong@ZA biltong outlets are dotted throughout Gauteng and offer quick access to our exquisite biltong.

Butchery & Biltong Delis: Fleisherei® & Meat@ZA

Butchery outlets supplying biltong products, fresh meat, prime cuts, selected processed products; as well as handpicked grocery items.

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Biltong Outlets: Biltong@ZA®

Biltong retail outlets supplying mainly biltong and related products.

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Our butchery and biltong delis, target dedicated biltong and meat lovers by offering fresh meat and superior biltong with that almost forgotten exquisite taste that means quality; while still offering excellent value for money. At these butchery outlets, we also stock a varied range gourmet food items, handpicked for their brand’s commitment to quality.

We have our own processing facility to supply our different outlets with a range of biltong and meat products.

Our biltong processing is done using a traditional curing and drying method to enable us to produce thick cut biltong with an exquisite taste. We also stock and produce mainly yellow fat biltong and have (and will) go to great distances to keep on delivering these superior products to our clients.

We have a carefully selected supplier base which enables us to go on delivering superior, consistent products throughout our range.

We never compromise on ingredients, hygiene or processes. This is evident in our processing facility which has strict hygiene, temperature and process control systems in place to increase product quality and consistency as well as shelf life, all of which are based upon the HACCP, ISO 22000 and SANS 10049 (SABS) criteria.