Rump Sosaties – Marinated Classic BBQ

R149.99/kg | Sold in Kg's

Indulge in the rich flavour of our Premium Rump Sosaties, marinated with a classic BBQ flavour. Perfect for grilling and enjoying a South African braai, these sosaties from Fleisherei offer an authentic taste experience in every bite.

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Experience the rich and savoury flavour of our Premium Rump Sosaties – Marinated Classic BBQ, perfect for grilling and enjoying a South African braai. At Fleisherei, we take pride in marinating these sosaties with a classic BBQ flavour, ensuring each bite is a burst of authentic taste. Made with premium rump cuts, these sosaties are perfect for your braai gatherings or any special occasion. Each skewer is carefully prepared to deliver a juicy and flavourful experience. Buy now from Fleisherei for an authentic taste experience that brings the essence of South African braai to your table.