1. Rub your roast with your favorite spice rub.
  2. In a pot brown all the sides of the roast and put in a casserole with a lid.
  3. In a pre-heated oven (180 degrees Celsius), cook your roast as follows:

– For a medium cooked roast – for every kg of meat cook for 25 minutes (in other words: 1 kg = 25minutes, 2kg = 50minutes, 3kg = 75minutes

– After cooking for this period, take the lid off and cook another 20 minutes to brown and round off your roast.

  1. Slice into slices and serve hot with sides of your choice and a nice hearty brown gravy.
  2. Chill and slice as cold meat with your favorite salad or on a sandwich with mustard or horseradish as a condiment.
  3. For a more cooked roast change the 25 minutes per kg to 30 minutes per kg.