Mary Rolph Lamontagne was struck by inspiration for her book EATS while working at a bush camp in Botswana. Faced with low stock and an abundance of leftovers in the fridge, she had to create a memorable meal for high-paying guests. EATS not only presents a diverse and colourful collection of recipes but also offers practical solutions for saving and repurposing ingredients to create new and exciting dishes. Mary’s easy tips on reinventing leftovers will help home cooks reduce waste, save money, and unleash their culinary creativity.

The book contains 27 master recipes and another 108 alternative recipes arranged by ingredient colour. For example, The Reds chapter includes ingredients such as beetroot, tomato, and apple, each with its own range of dishes, such as beetroot tart with baby rocket, tomato and fennel soup with cheese croutons, and apple-stuffed pork chops. An extensive index ensures that readers can locate dishes within more traditional categories such as appetizers, light meals, main courses, desserts, cakes, and vegetarian dishes.

EATS covers a wide range of techniques and cooking styles while also providing many tips and tricks on reusing food items, what to buy, how to store, and even growing your own fruits and vegetables.

EATS by Mary Rolph Lamontagne