If you truly care about meat, should you not think twice where you buy it from? If that question ever crossed your mind then we are here to help you make an informed decision. The age-old art of butchery dates back 100’s of years. A lot has changed since then, but one thing always remained constant and what we at Fleisherei live by… The love and passion for providing the community with only the freshest meat and top quality biltong. If you are not buying your meat from us yet, here is a couple of reason to reconsider.

1) We might be called butchers but there is nothing cold and heartless about us. We love animals just as much as you – maybe even more. . If you talk to a butcher you’ll realize they have a deep respect for animals, which is precisely why we buy from farms where animals have happy lives. Our animals are fed natural diets, not pumped full of steroids or antibiotics and slaughtered as humanely as possible. On top of that, hardly any piece of our animals go to waste which, to us, is honouring the life of the animal. Animals are a butcher’s livelihood and they nourish the people who support our business.

2) You’ll always know what you’re getting. Recent food scares has exposed the lack of care at mass meat processing facilities and strange happenings behind the supermarket meat counters. A proper butcher can always give you a lot of information about any meat cut and tell what part of the animal that particular cut came from. More often than not you’ll even see your butcher grind or cut pieces of meat right in front of your eyes. We adhere to the strictest of strict health policies and voluntarily get inspected monthly. We are completely transparent and obsessed with hygiene.

3) We offer a wide selection & exceptional quality. Tired of the same old same old? Walk into any of our delis and you are almost guaranteed to see a cut or type of meat you can’t find at the average grocery store. With us, you will always have a wide selection of options for those weekend braais with friends. We not only offer a wide range of options but all our products are always neatly and properly cut and stored.

4) We deliver top-notch service. At a butchery buying meat becomes a personal experience. Although we are a bit bigger than your average local butcher we still try and keep to the same principles. We want nothing more than for our meats to be the best thing you ever tasted. That’s why we offer meats cut to order, less expensive suggestions and cooking tips. For venison lovers, we can also give you a heads up on seasonal specials like game and the ability to special order less common cuts. Hunting season is also where we shine as we offer professional game processing and packaging services. Visit our Game Processing page for more information.

5) Monthly Meat Hampers. At Fleisherei we offer a wide variety of meat hampers that cater for families of all sizes. The Meat Hampers can easily be ordered online or in-store. They are then prepared fresh and conveniently portioned and packaged for easy freezing. You also save quite a bit. Visit our Meat Hamper page for more information.

6) Wholesale Division.  Our Wholesale Meat and Biltong offerings are perfect for restaurants, hotels and general meat and biltong resellers. Our meat products are made fresh daily to ensure only the best quality leaves our factory. Our sales department will gladly assist in getting you the best possible prices with the quickest turnaround times.

7) Exporting Services. We have a valid ZA Exporting Certificate (ZA 416) and our facility is certified accordingly. Get in touch and find out how we can assist you.

Keen to visit one of our butcheries? Visit www.biltong.co.za/locations/#tab_meat-delis to find an outlet closest to you or visit our Flagship Factory Butchery in Brakfontein, Centurion.

Not so keen on driving? No problem you can also check us out and order online at www.biltong.co.za butchery with delivery straight to your door!

We look forward to meating you!