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Best Beef Burgers

"Look, when it comes to enjoying burgers for lunch or dinner - nothing, and I mean nothing, comes close to a home made Beef Burger. Sure, there are exceptional burgers at certain restaurants – but I found it is so much more rewarding to build your own special burger monster at home." - Anina (

Fleisherei Test Drive Comments:

A truly "monster" homemade burger with the most delicious gourmet trimmings. These amazing burgers will ruin all restaurant burgers, for you, for good. Go big and add all the trimmings to the same burger and you will be in heaven!

Serves: 4

Method for Best Beef Burgers:
  1. Mix the beef mince with the grated onion, herbs, spices, egg and seasoning.

  2. Mix through with your hands, shape your beef patties (use oil on your hands to prevent sticking) and leave in the fridge for 30 – 40 minutes.

  3. Heat the olive oil in a pan or you can use your grill pan or the braai – and fry the patties a few minutes on each side until ready, made to your liking – medium rare is best.

  4. Now, when you have all the toppings ready, you can start stacking your burgers the way you like, or just do like me and put everything there is on the bun. You might need a knife and fork...

Best Beef Burger

Best Beef Burger
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For the patties:
For the toppings:
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